At ISA, we understand the hard work that goes into cultivating young minds. We hold education at the epicentre of growth and believe that it has a monumental task of enabling a better future. Schools facilitate the growth of civilization and there are many things that can help them in their journey to build the life and career of their students.

ISA Summit awards the amazing work of the schools who have incorporated superlative best practices in their endeavour to brighten the lives of students.

ISA summit is inspired with the ideology of ‘building for the future’. We believe that education can really help in building for the future in a more effective way if it adopts innovative ideas, mechanisms and tools. The future is dependent on the efforts of today.

"Building for the future,” is a broad yet super creative approach of ISA summit this year. When we say building for the future, that means that innovative ideas, innovations, mechanism, and mentality that will help to shape a better future. The future will prosper on the foundation of today’s efforts.


The ISA 2019 Summit

To build for a better future, schools have to sow the seeds of ideation, innovation and technology right now. This year’s ISA summit will focus on the approach taken to reach the goal of a better future. Schools can attend the summit to find out the best ways in which they can affect positive change in the society. There are 4 key levers around which we will discuss the role of schools in future growth. These are –

Emerging Technologies

There is no denying that a fast pace of technological development has altered the way we live and interact with one another. And this is just the beginning as the scope of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence is widespread. Schools can take help of AI tools to provide their students with personalised learning. These tools can enable anytime, anywhere learning by use of apps etc. It can create a seamless and customised educational experience for the children. Automation can help schools in effective administration and management.

Entrepreneurship in schools

Schools are not just the places to get an education. Today, they have the task of carving the future of a child by giving him skills which help in building a great career and a better life. Schools must invest in developing the entrepreneurial skills of their students. Enabling a student in this regard will not only answer the needs of the students but will also shape the society as a whole.

Sustainable development

To grow steadily, we must be able to sustain the pace of growth. Sustainable development is an urgent need in today’s world where climate change is already impacting lives. There needs to be stress on maintaining peace, justice and  strong institutions in order to achieve this task. Good health and well-being of    the population is also an indicator of sustainable development.

Impression on Young Minds

“Evolution by time is inevitable”, so well proved by Schools of all realms. Each child requires a school with voguish practices in educating and shaping his future. Every Educational Pioneer is responsible to sculpt a child making him ready to face the real world. They form a substantial foundation in the formative years of a child’s life. We, at ISA, believe in exploring the young minds with their perspectives on the perpetual Education Systems and practices adopted. Students although makeup 20 % of our population but they are our 100% of the future. With this vision in mind, ISA involves the sole element of the education community, i.e., Students. Let’s leave one question to students- Is School a Creator or a Destroyer?