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“Building for the Future” is the vision of ISA.
Let’s find out why?
A building has no future without a robust base, and a student has no future without an effective education system.
Education is the key to be ready for the future.
In our life, we face a lot of challenges. Some of the challenges we face because of less knowledge and some problems we meet because we have not option.
Education is the powerful tool which helps us to overcome any difficult situation and find the right solution to any problem.
From the last few years, the education system is evolving. There are lots of changes that we can see in our current education system, and many others are ready to be part of the education system. These changes are affecting the education system in both good and bad ways.
It is the time to find out the issues in the education system and get together to develop the solution.
At ISA Summit we will be discovering how the education system will help students to be ready for the future.
Emerging Technologies:
It is the time for the education system to enter into a new era and shake hands with emerging technologies. Technologies are there to improve the overall performance of the education system. Schools are using AI, robotics, and customised education system to enhance student engagement and skills.
Entrepreneurship Skills:
Schools are also responsible for developing the core entrepreneurship skills in students. The education system should include creative ideas, group studies, leadership opportunities and problem-solving habit in the students.
Geopolitical realities:
Schools should not limit themselves only with the current syllabus. The quality of a school system shows when it engages the students and teachers to discuss the geopolitical realities. Schools should develop the feeling of global humanity. Students should also learn what is currently happening in the world, how world order is changing and what are the impacts of geopolitical realities.
Sustainable Development:
Schools cannot completely be part of building for the future approach as long as they do not consider sustainable development. The sustainable development approach will make the schools make the students develop the habit of good health and well being. Schools can also play an essential role in achieving sustainable development goals such as climate change, peace, justice and essential institution, etc.
Final Words:
ISA believe in the overall growth of the education system and global humanity. We can achieve anything by following the “Building for future” approach. When we are ready for the future, then nothing can stop us from growing.

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