Step 1
The nomination forms received by the ISA will be collated separately under each award category for evaluation by the awards management.

Step 2
All the entrees will be duly screened and then shortlisted for each category on the basis of a pre-defined evaluation criteria. The shortlisted nominees from the World will be contacted and informed about their entry into the regional round. This will be done by our knowledge partner.

Step 3
There will be a pre-jury to evaluate the nominations who make it to the regional round. All the nominees will be interviewed by the pre-jury followed by a visit to the schools, if deemed necessary.

Step 4
The shortlisted nominees from the regional round will qualify for the national round under their respective categories.

Step 5
The national round will be judged by the grand jury comprising members nominated by the awards management with due representation from the pre-jury. The grand jury will be chaired by one member from the awards management.

Step 6
The grand jury will score the nominees and rank them on pre-defined evaluation criteria. The scoring will be done on the basis of their submissions and interviews.

Step 7
All the votes of the grand jury will be collated and tabulated by our process advisors and the final winner(s) from each category will be chosen on the basis of the scoring methodology finalised by the awards management. A category may have one or more winners, the decision of which lies solely with the awards management. The decision of the awards management regarding the choice of winners will be final.

Step 8
In case of a tie, the nominee ranked higher at the pre-jury stage will be considered as a winner.

Step 9
If there is a tie at stage 9, then the chair of the grand jury will finalise the winner.